Scent - A Short Film

A short film about a dying man who receives a kidney transplant that saves him, but takes the life of the donor, leaving him in a perpetual search for permission to move on. After some time, a new woman enters his life and urges him to move out of his apartment. On moving day, he unboxes a memory that, once again, triggers his grief, but this time he’s given an ultimatum.

When my wife and I were still dating, I remember her sharing a few memories of her father who had recently passed away. I held her hand as she recognized that the physical, “real” memories of him were being replaced with pictures and videos. And though she feared the loss of these memories, she wondered if moving on meant she had to allow them to fade. This film was made for the brave ones who carry the complicated questions of how to venture through grief. May they find the answers they need.

Official Selection - 2018 Beverly Hills Film Festival

Work: Writer/Director/Editor