Let me help tell your story

Eric Staples understands the importance of the final step in filmmaking. Turning raw footage into captivating film and video takes more than just the right software - it takes diligence, a vast understanding of story, and an acute attentiveness to detail. Without a good edit, even the most stunning footage can go to waste; not to mention, thousands of dollars down the drain!

No one wants a final product that doesn't represent the time and effort put forth on the front end. The final cut should bring every piece together to masterfully deliver the original vision.  Having worn various hats in filmmaking, Eric has honed in on his strength as an editor and knows what it takes to create clear and impactful video. His commercials have helped companies like LifeWay and StoryBrand not just grow their revenue, but connect to more customers than ever before.




Clients include:

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