From Eric Staples – “As a filmmaker, I want to captivate and challenge my audience, to move them from one place to another. On screen we see people we encounter in our own lives: characters who share our emotions, struggles, and imperfections. We resonate with their humanity, believing we are not alone in ours. It is a powerful experience, and a valuable opportunity to make an impact.

So often I leave a picture desiring to become someone else: the hero, the savior, the good guy, the badass. But what might happen if instead, I left with permission to be myself? A different type of transformation takes place, one deeper and more meaningful. We are given hope and freedom to discover our true identities, and how we might fully contribute to the lives of those around us.”

Eric Staples also partners with businesses to help them better connect with their customers. Examples of clients can be found below:

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